Monday, November 16, 2009

Black Field (Mavro Livadi)

Feature film due to be released in February 2010. Written and directed by Vardis Marinakis (

Link to view demo trailer (HD)

Few words about the story

Mavro Livadi (Black Field) is set in 1654, when Greece was under Ottoman Empire occupation. A Janissary (a warrior of Greek origin recruited by force at a small age from his Christian family to serve at the Turkish army) arrives heavily wounded at a remote Christian female monastery. He is nursed by Anthi, a young Greek nun who has taken an oath of silence. They fall in love against all odds. But Anthi is tormented by a dark secret, soon to be revealed: she is, in fact, a boy who grew up as a girl hidden in the monastery, in order to avoid being captured and becoming a Janissary.

The two lovers escape to the nearby forest, in search of freedom from society’s constraints and lose themselves in a dreamlike reality until...

Few words about the film

Mavro Livadi (Black Field) is a cross gender love story inspired by true events that transcends time, religion and sexual identity. It is a dark fairytale for adults following in the tradition of films that narrate archetypal stories using strong visuals and mixing the sacredness, fear, poetry and beauty that surrounds human nature.

Mavro Livadi (Black Field) is a film about the struggle to find your own identity, the will to free yourself from the boundaries of society, and the exploration of diverted sexual orientation.

Born in Athens, Greece in 1971. Graduate of the National Film School, tutor: Stephen Frears.  He has directed four award wining short films and numerous TV commercial spots. Mavro Livadi (Black Field) is his first feature film.

Filmography (selected)
2009 Mavro Livadi (Black Field) feature flm
2005 Defteri Fisi (Second Nature) short film, Locarno Film Festival award

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©Highway Productions  2009  104 mins  35mm Color  Anamorphic Dts 


  1. Από το trailer η ταινία σε καθηλώνει! Αξίζουν θερμά συγχαρητήρια σε όλους...Ειλικρινά μπράβο σας!

  2. Συγχαρητήρια για την τόλμη του θέματος. Και μόνο το γεγονός ότι το υλοποιήσατε είναι ήδη ένα βήμα προς τα εμπρός για τον ελληνικό σύγχρονο κινηματογράφο.